A very Posh print indeed

Good evening ladies and gents.

I toyed around with posting the new POW print today, Cherries, by the Amsterdam artist Parra, but in the end didn’t think it was quite good enough.

Judge for yourselves:


There were still 37 prints left of the 150 edition at time of writing.

Instead I am posting this, a WAG for your WALL from Gerald Laing.

She’s no Bridgitte Bardot: http://www.geraldlaing.com/index.php/prints/artwork/brigitte_bardot_print/, but like it or not, Victoria Beckham is a modern day icon.

Pop Art Pop Star

Pop Art Pop Star

If you like it, there are 2 remaining here: http://www.stolenspace.com/product.php/412/162/victoria_beckham__red_

See you tomorrow.


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