For women and Derren Brown

With the football season back in full swing, I thought I’d post a print to keep the women in our lives amused (and out of our hair so we can watch the game in peace).

To coincide with his recent show, XOOOOX, Berlin’s stencil supremo, has released a number of flower-free prints to transform the chintz chambers of our shoe-obsessed nearest and dearest, the best of which is Pug, 500 euros of sniffling, obese loveliness (a print, not the nearest and dearest).

Buy one today:


fff fff fff
Pug of love

XOOOOX is one of 10 artists represented by the brilliant Circleculture Gallery, including the fantastically talented Charlie Isoe.

Judge for yourselves:

Judge too, the not so brilliant, Derren Brown

Until next time.

The Wall Pimper

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One Response to “For women and Derren Brown”

  1. XOOOOX pug street art spotted in BERLIN! Livens up the Urban cityscape, right near a cool park. Here it is:

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