Hit me with your laser beam

Invader is an anonymous French street artist with a penchant for a certain 1970s video game and a desire to take over the world with mosaics made from square coloured tiles.

And he’s succeeding: http://bit.ly/gq7qk.

Help keep the invasion alive by pasting up your very own Space Invader, 88 ceramic tiles of alien-busting brilliance.

Blah, blah, blah

Spa Wars

Buy your kit here: http://bit.ly/4Guq8m.

Failing that, you can play the original (and highly addictive) game here: http://bit.ly/3vOJUh.

Until next time.

The Wall Pimper

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One Response to “Hit me with your laser beam”

  1. I was on holiday in Nice, South of france this year
    and saw the space invader logo spray painted on the side
    of a building, the logo is quite small in size around A5
    look out for them, the artist has been doing it for years.

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