Ded gud

I’ve not been blown away by the releases from Pictures On Walls this year, but their latest offerings from Ded Associates (Cindy, as in doll, pictured below and Snow, as in dwarfs) are absolute corkers.

I’m amazed they’re still available.

Get over yourself Barbie, Kenny is mine now honey

Get over yourself Barbie, Ken is mine

Buy one here (very quickly if you want one):

Until next time.

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3 Responses to “Ded gud”

  1. It’s a ‘SNOW’ go. She’s all gone. It’ll have to be ‘CINDY’ as in ‘-rella’ i think.

    • Thanks for the update, that’s messed everything up hasn’t it? I have been trying to think of an alternative ‘gag’ for the image now that I know it’s Cinderella rather than Cindy doll, which I now realise is with an S.

      I have a few options:

      a) If you think I’m rough, you should see my sisters, or

      b) I’ve got my fags now where did I put my (glass) slippers, or

      c) You can’t go to the ball dressed like that

      All bad I know, but it is Monday.


  2. A cool post there mate ! Thank you for it .

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