Hammer time

Oh no.

It never rains when it pours does it?

Not content with spending most of my life savings on a plethora of over-engineered baby stuff (a £14.95 cappuccino cup holder for the pram for example – you try arguing against it with a heavily pregnant woman), along comes Dreweatts with their bloody Urban Editions sale.

Oh yeah, because tantalising me with some of my favourite prints of all time is just what I need right now. You going to pick up the Pampers bill are you?

Thought not.

Anyway, for the more financially liquid amongst you, here’s an example of what I’m not going to buy:

Bomb Hugger by Banksy

Turf War by Banksy

We Come In Peace by Antony Micallef

Sale starts tomorrow at 2pm GMT.

For full lot list go here: http://bit.ly/apcDoD.

Think I should point out at this juncture, particularly to any family members reading this and my unborn child should he/she ever read this (presumably by inhaling the information or similar) that I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT BECOMING A DAD EVEN IF IT HAS RESULTED IN A FEW DISAGREEMENTS ABOUT WHAT IS AND ISN’T APPROPRIATE TO HANG ON THE WALLS OF THE FAMILY HOME. Love you darling X. 

Until next time.

The Wall Pimper

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