Hare today, gone May 26th

Angelica Van Clarke had a life saving operation at GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital) when she was 2 days old. Now 15, she drew a picture of a hare to help raise funds for two brand new operating theatres.

A selection of distinguished artists and celebrities have expressed themselves on canvas for this great cause. These original works of art will be exhibited and auctioned online, and at the exceptionally glamorous, ahem, ‘Hare Ball’ evening in London.

The finished artworks are being displayed at the Heartbreak Gallery in Central London.

Everyone can bid for a canvas. Online bidding starts on this website from the 14th April.

Here’s a selection of my favourite works:

Alex Hatjoullis

Paul Insect

Luke Frost – “Hare Chromavolt”

Paul Slater

Christiana Van Clarke – “Got Bored in History”

Aidan McCarthy – “Washing Up”

Sikelela Owen – “Fall Hare”

Anahita Rezvani Rad

Zoe Cameron

Tilak Gurung

Patrick Hughes


For more info go here: http://bit.ly/gHBs3k.

Until next time.

The Wall Pimper

To win limited edition prints, free framing and more, join me on Facebook here: http://on.fb.me/fThK2I



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